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The Note

February 25, 2008

The Note

We discovered this rather unwieldy note on my bf’s front windshield, as we left Kitty O’Shea’s after Sunday night pub quiz. We parked in our usual spot near the corner of Charnock and Prospect. We were taken aback that someone would take such care to write such a venomous note but wouldn’t bother to get some signage installed, to insure their elderly mother’s safety, which they’re so concerned with. There’s absolutely no indication that parking in this spot would make life difficult for anyone. A simple sign on the house’s front gate would do the job. But it’s our fault for not being psychic.

For your pleasure, the text of this passive-aggressive grammatically challenged masterpiece:

This may come as a shock to you. But yes there are other people in the world besides yourself. The first person that come to mind is my 92 year old mother. Who lives in the house you parked in front of. Yes where you so carefully parked to block the shoved walk way to her front door. Thank god. She didnt get injured trying to get to the front door. Once we arrived home from supper! Remember! You are not the only person in the world try to be a little more thoughtful of other’s!


Cab Express: No Friend Of Mine

February 13, 2008

Woe unto the girl who denies her instinct to walk through the freezing rain to her doctor’s appointment. And woe unto that same girl for dialing Beverly, Massachusetts’ alleged taxicab service Cab Express. I figured 30 minutes was enough lead time for a cab to pick me up and drive me the mile to my new doctor’s office. But no. No, that was not enough time for Cab Express. After three phonecalls, 40 minutes, and some over-caffeinated aggressive pacing, I finally threw in the towel, rescheduled my appointment, and cancelled the phantom cab. Had I walked, I would have made it with time to spare. But I chose to call Cab Express, so there’s nobody to blame but me. 

 Hell, at least I don’t have to go out in the rain.