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The Wall Of Fame

September 25, 2007

I have this fantasy of having a Wall of Fame, much like the controversial wall in Sal’s Pizzeria that sparked a riot in Do The Right Thing. My wall would have framed black-and-white headshots of the following luminaries (to be updated when necessary):

Julia Child

Marvin Gaye

Bruce Campbell

Movie Review: Charlotte Gray

September 25, 2007

Charlotte Gray poster

This best-selling Brit novel had all the potential in the world, with the porcelain luminosity of Cate Blanchett in the title role, and solid supporting performances from the wonderful Michael Gambon and ultimate bad boyfriend Bill Crudup. Set during WWII, this film follows Blanchett’s Gray as she chases her lost love into Nazi-occupied France. The film quickly settles into melodrama and wastes its lead actress’ talents with weak dialogue and odd character development. Beautifully shot with hints of impressionism, the film captures the misty earthiness of a particular time and place. And one scene featuring a Nazi ambush is at once powerful and arresting. Unfortunately, none of the technical wonderment can overcome the weakness of script and direction. Grade: C-