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Cabinet Of Curiosities

April 13, 2008

Eight Corner Globe

At this weekend’s Great International Beer Festival in Providence, RI, we had the great luck to be located next to the¬†fiendishly glamourous twosome pictured above and their traveling sideshow of curiosities. What a treat they were, in a sea of drunken beerfestery. Between sessions, they led us to Cuban Revolution along with the kids from The Tap, and there was much laughing, shouting, and hysterical innuendo. Hopefully, we will see them at events to come, although they tend to limit their humorous Barnum-style¬†theatricality to the tattoo and adult convention circuit. If deformed fetuses, two-headed ducklings (that’s what Professor Badger is holding in the pic above), assorted animal scrotum/penis bones, killer live spiders, and human skulls with horns ring your bell, check out Eight Corner Globe.